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Body – Bonding – Identity
Development-sensitive sexual education

study course

Phil.-theol. University Benedikt XVI. Heiligenkreuz
and Initiative Christian Family

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Development-sensitive sexual education

The study course is aimed at adults who work with children and teenagers or those who want to attain new insights into sexual education.

Development-sensitive sexual education supports children and teenagers according to their whole personal development.

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The three pillars


Expression of the person.
Agree with oneself and the other gender.


To live bonding according to ones stage of development.


To be a person.
To be a woman. To be a man.
To live life in full.

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Cultivate an elementary vitality

Integration of sexuality into ones own personality provides the basis for a successful bonding.

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Which competence do you want to acquire?

The study-course Body-Bonding-Identity is transdisciplinary. Theological and philosophical anthropology of sexuality is related to sexual science and psychological evolution contents. Such a sexual education asks under which educational conditions and with which methods growing up children can be accompanied in their sexual development to live a successful sexuality and bonding. This way a development-sensitive sexual education is created, which is communicated by the development of the following abilities:

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Design of a development-sensitive sexual education going out from the child and teenager

Icon Werkzeugkoffer

Conversion of a philosophical-theological anthropolgy into sex education practice

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well founded examination of current developments and trends in sex education

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The study-course Body- Bonding -Identity consists of 9 modules, which are offered over a two year period.

All courses will be held at Heiligenkreuz im Wienerwald.

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Get to know the team

Prof. Dr. Hanna-Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz

Institute EUPHRat

Prof. em. for religious philosophy and comparative religious studies at the TU Dresden, managing director of the EUPHRat Institute, Heiligenkreuz


Lic. theol. Corbin Gams MTh

Director of studies

member of “Initiative Christian Families” of the Austrian Bishops Conference. Director of the courses of studies “Theology of the body” and „Body-Bonding -Identity“

Margit Taschner


retired commercial clerk
member of the “Initiative Christian Families” Assistant of the courses of studies “Theology of the body” and „Body- Bonding -Identity“

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On which dates will the study course take place?

The modules of the study course will be on following dates:

1. Module: 28. February – 04. March 2018
2.1 Module: 20. – 22. April 2018
2.2 Module: 08. – 10. June 2018
3. Module: 25. – 29. September 2018
4. Module: 21. – 25. November 2018

Which themes will be examined at the LBI?

  • psychological foundations:
    the inner and outer world in childhood and adolescense; cerebral maturation
    bonding and identity development.
  • sexual science:
    concepts of the development of sexuality.
  • medicine:
    biological foundations of sexual development and maturity and medical aspects of sexuality.
  • pedagogics and counseling:
    didactical and methodical pattern and parameters of sensitive sexual evolution education.
  • philosophic-theologic foundations:
    anthropology of the person (body, love, responsibility, debt, companionship)
    Theology of the body
  • didactical-methodical aspects:
    target group orientation, self-reflection, instructions for developing one’s own sexual education designs

Who is this study-course for?

  • people who based on their main or part professional commitment in play-schools, schools, training school, counseling clinic, groups of young people require special qualification and competence (also additional) in development-sensitive sexual education;
  • people who want to get to know and pass on sexual education from a developmental and value oriented side;
  • people who want to advance their individual education anthropologically.

Is matriculation and/or a university-entrance diploma compulsory for this study course?

There are two possibilities to graduate from the study-course:

  • with or without matriculation or university-entrance diploma.
  • Participants without matriculation or university-entrance diploma are guest students of the academy Heiligenkreuz.
  • Participants with matriculation or university-entrance diploma are extraordinary students of the academy Heiligenkreuz These participants have the possibility to obtain ECTS.

Which profile of qualification is expected from candidates?

To start the education to be a teacher of sexuality LBI the candidate requires

  • a school leaving certificate
  • or an immatriculation at another high-school (academy/university)
  • a predisposition and talent to be a teacher
  • a healthy psychological, spiritual and sound mind
  • an authentical life as foundation
  • and at least 2 years experience in educational work with people
  • target where the knowledge obtained can and will be used
  • willingness to think and work together

This profile can be an inspiration for the letter of motivation, which has to be filed together with the application forms. A christian religious denominaton is required.

What is required for the application?

  • filled-out application form
  • curriculum vitae
  • school leaving certificate
  • certificate of highest profession or studies obtained
  • letter of motivation with reference to the christian faith

How does the application procedure work?

Mail to requesting documentation.
Filing of the application until 15th January, 2018.

In case of positive assessment invitation to participate in the first module from 28th February to 4th March, 2017. To avoid a separate trip to Heiligenkreuz just for admission discussions, the talks will be held during and at the first module. At the end of the module each participant interested will receive in writing if he/she is admitted to the study-course.

What happens at the admission discussion?

The admission discussion is a talk with the rector of the academy, the management of LBI, the person responsible for the content of the course and one or two other people. On one hand it should clarify if the course in question can meet with the expectation of the applicant and on the other hand if the applicant meets the profile of requirements of the LBI.

How does the assessment of performance take place?

  • For each module (except for the Training Module)  an examination is required.
  • A written graduation paper has to be composed
  • The successful conclusion of the study-course will be documented with a leaving certificate.

Which certificate can be achieved?

Sexual educator ESSP

What will be credited at other places of studies?

The Phil.-theol. Hochschule Benedikt XVI. Heiligenkreuz grants for the indivdual
modules two to three ECTS;
a consideration in the area of a philosophical or theological basic or postgraduate-studies is possible as well as in the area of elective courses in various branches of studies. About the acknowledgement decides each branch of study one applies at.

Can one also start during the study-course?

As the individual modules build upon the other a start during the running course is only possible after consultation with the director of the study-course.

What are the charges of the study-course?

Participation charge for each module is 250€.
Participation charge for students for each module is 220€.*
Participation charges for married couples per person 220€.

* restricted scholarship can be granted in cases of financial hardship for fulltime immatriculated students. This is only possible due to a donation made. The application including reason is to be made to
Mrs. Taschner:

In case of financial shortage there is the possibility of payment by installments.

Who is responsible for the study-course?

Planing, content and enforcement is carried out by the Initiative Christliche Familie in co-operation with the Institut für entwicklungssensible Sexualpädagogik im Idisb e.V. and the Phil.-theol. Hochschule Benedikt XVI. Heiligenkreuz/Wienerwald.
Director of studies: Lic.theol. Corbin Gams MTh
Rector of the academy: Prof.P.Dr. Karl Wallner OCist
Fachwissenschaftliche Leitung: Markus Hoffmann, Dipl. Soz. Arbeit, Entwickl.Psych. M.Ed.

Where do I find contact persons?

For further information and questions please contact Mrs. Margit Taschner

Is the information available in printed form as PDF data file?

You can download the folder as PDF data file here.

We can also send you a printed folder by mail. Contact:

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The body, and only it, can make the invisible visible: the spiritual and the divine.

John Paul II.

Modernity must think of love as something far more wide ranging as it does.

Romano Guardini